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Irie Wybz Edibles

Plantain Chips 250mg THC

Plantain Chips 250mg THC

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Irie Wybz, the edibles that fuse the euphoria of cannabis with the Caribbean culture of the Bahamas.

'Wybz'. A Bahamian term derived from the word "vibes" has many meanings. In this case, 'wybz' refers to the moment, the sensation you experience with each bite.

In the Bahamas, there's no better place to get Irie than under a nice tree on the beach, so we encourage you to always find our own Irie tree, no matter where you are.

With just a taste, the Bahamian Caribbean experience is no longer a plane ticket away. Enjoy the beach, enjoy the culture, enjoy the high. Irie Wybz Edibles.

Two flavours available: Regular & Jerk


Organic Plantain Chips, Infused MCT oil, Jerk Seasoning

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